May. 13th, 2009


May. 13th, 2009 12:28 pm
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visited 7 states (14%)
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But very soon I will have more states under my belt!
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We got our course list and book list for the fall term! Contracts, Criminal Law, Torts and Legal Analysis. So far I have these books listed as required:

Criminal Law books:

Casebook - Criminal Law & Procedure by Boyce, Dripps & Perkins
Criminal Law - Quick Review - Sum & Substance by Steven Friedland
Aspen's Case notes/legal briefs for Criminal Law

Contracts books:

Casebook - Contracts by Farnsworth, Young & Sanger
Contracts - Quick Review - Sum & Substance by Robert Brain
Casenote's case notes/legal briefs for Contracts

Torts books:

Casebook - Torts by Prosser, Kelly, Wade & Schwartz
Torts - Quick Review - Sum & Substance by Larry Levine
Prosser & Keeton's case notes/legal briefs for Torts

These books cost me $611.55 tonight. I told Mom & Dad that if they paid for tuition for this first year, I'd pay for the books. Thankfully, these books are for the entire year. But it's still a sizable chunk of change.

So Starting August 24th, I'll be in Criminal Law (interspersed with Legal Analysis) on Monday nights (through December 7th), Tuesday nights will be Contracts, and Thursday nights will be Torts (last class December 10th).

Class tonight was a blast! I love my teacher so much. The banter between us students is great too. I'm so happy.


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