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I was reading Pearson v Dodd for my torts class, and it is a case about a scandal exposed about Connecticut Senator Thomas Dodd in 1969 or so, and I wondered if he was Chris Dodd's Dad. One quick snap over to the internet and indeed, he was Chris Dodd's Dad. That's not the weird part. According to Chris Dodd's wikipedia page, he dated both Bianca Jagger and Carrie Fisher.

That's really hard to comprehend.
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I bought this little frozen Pad Thai meal from Fresh & Easy and I'm eating it right now for lunch. It's really good. I love all the Fresh & Easy food. I'm so excited for its presence in Lompoc.

So, updates:

1) Apparently there is a serial arsonist in Lompoc:

I e-mailed this story to Mom & Dad last night and Dad says he's seen a few of the burned out vehicles while he and Mom are out serving. No wonder the fire sergeant wasn't too worried about the perpetrator coming back - the device was probably a signature of sorts and apparently he(they) pick targets at random. So at least that's good.

2) First night of school! I'm 1L! Tonight is Criminal Law. Woohoo! I'm so excited.

Ok...time to finish my lunch because I have to brief at least one Torts case at lunch today.


May. 18th, 2009 06:06 pm
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I was a lazy ass this weekend so I have to brief 7 cases before class tomorrow night. Procrastination is fun!

ETA 10:37pm: Got 6 of the 7 done (one took almost an hour - it was long and convoluted). I'll do one tomorrow at lunch and I'll be good to go. Now I am off to sleep.
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We got our course list and book list for the fall term! Contracts, Criminal Law, Torts and Legal Analysis. So far I have these books listed as required:

Criminal Law books:

Casebook - Criminal Law & Procedure by Boyce, Dripps & Perkins
Criminal Law - Quick Review - Sum & Substance by Steven Friedland
Aspen's Case notes/legal briefs for Criminal Law

Contracts books:

Casebook - Contracts by Farnsworth, Young & Sanger
Contracts - Quick Review - Sum & Substance by Robert Brain
Casenote's case notes/legal briefs for Contracts

Torts books:

Casebook - Torts by Prosser, Kelly, Wade & Schwartz
Torts - Quick Review - Sum & Substance by Larry Levine
Prosser & Keeton's case notes/legal briefs for Torts

These books cost me $611.55 tonight. I told Mom & Dad that if they paid for tuition for this first year, I'd pay for the books. Thankfully, these books are for the entire year. But it's still a sizable chunk of change.

So Starting August 24th, I'll be in Criminal Law (interspersed with Legal Analysis) on Monday nights (through December 7th), Tuesday nights will be Contracts, and Thursday nights will be Torts (last class December 10th).

Class tonight was a blast! I love my teacher so much. The banter between us students is great too. I'm so happy.
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title or description

Fire redux

May. 6th, 2009 02:16 pm
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So at about 1:30 this afternoon the winds picked up.

This is at 1:45:

This is about 2 minutes later:

The wind is now blowing in the direction of our office, so if the wind keeps blowing this way, my office might be in a mandatory evacuation zone in the morning. We'll see. For the time being, I'm fine, and I can see the fire right from my window, so I can see if it moves toward us to a danger point. So don't worry all your pretty little heads. :)

And I have class tonight! Woohoo!

ETA 2:48pm winds have picked up and fire is now out of control.

ETA2 3:41pm: The lights keep flickering and parts of the city have already lost power. There is a big transformer right over by the fire so we might lose power any minute. Keep you posted!
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Ok...I made it through 6 cases and 3 articles tonight. Tonight was concentrated on divorce and the divorce cases were much easier than the marriage cases I was doing yesterday.

So, that leaves me with one short divorce case I can do tomorrow at lunch and then 8 pages of articles to summarize and I'm good for class for tomorrow night.

Then I get a few days break, as we don't have class for 2 weeks due to spring break. So, I have 2 weeks to brief 8 cases. If I have time, I might brief ahead so I don't feel rushed later. I need to seriously try to break myself of this procrastination, as I won't be able to do this come Fall and I'm taking 3 classes and have to brief 20 a week.

I do find it interesting though that just in a couple of weeks of reading case after case my brain is whipping through legalese much better than it was before. Before I agonized with the writing and had to read something 2 or 3 times before I got the meaning, but now it reads like a novel, which is good. I'm hoping by the time Fall comes around this will be so easy it'll be a snap.

Anyway, I know I'm probably boring you with this stuff. But some of these cases are really interesting. I read one tonight, Aflalo v. Aflalo where an Orthodox Jewish woman wants a divorce from her Orthodox Jewish husband, but he won't give her a get which is a traditional Jewish decree, in writing and in Aramaic, that releases her from being his wife/property/slave and allows her to remarry. If he does not give her the get, if she has sex with or remarries another man, she is considered an adulteress, any subsequent children are considered illegitimate and cannot marry Jews, and she will be shunned by her peers and social groups. Usually this is used as a ransom so that the husbands can get more money or custody of children, but in this case, the husband genuinely did not want a divorce, but to reconcile. He did say though, that if the Beth Din, the Rabbinical court ordered him to give his wife the get he would, but that case wasn't being heard yet before the Beth Din. The wife wanted the court to order her husband to give her the get before the Beth Din ordered him to do so (among a few other items which I won't go into because it's boring and legal), but the court refused on 1st Amendment grounds saying that they cannot interfere with one's practice of religion (unless it is a dire possibly life threatening situation). The justice quoted Thomas Jefferson and it was a very interesting and well written opinion.

I tell you, I love this shit.
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with my studies.

ETA: Theo wants in on the action:

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I am sitting in class waiting for it to start. And there's wifi! Tonight is the orientation where a 4th year student comes to speak to tell us about how we should brief cases, what to expect, etc.

Talk to you all later!
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Look what arrived a few minutes ago! It's huge! It's dense! It's full of nothing but cases! It's so formal looking!

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I got an A in my Organizing and Analyzing Evidence Class! Woohoo me!
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So my final exam is tomorrow. What am I doing tonight? Writing a 7 page research paper on adoption and foster care issues in California and a research paper on whether or not sellers have a duty to disclose that a GHOST resides on the real property they are selling (approx 4 pages).

I finished the big paper, and now I'm taking a 5 minute break from writing the smaller one on the ghost.

FUCKING A I should be a better student. Seriously.

At least I have Cuban music. I love Cuban music.

I need scotch. But if I start drinking I won't finish my paper.



Mar. 14th, 2008 08:25 pm
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One paper down, one paper to go tonight! I need more wine and a cigarette.

ETA: Finished them both at 9:30. Yay me.

06:22am - Let's ETA again, like we did last summer: Wish me luck on my final!
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I just registered for my Spring classes! I am taking:

Ethics for Paralegals


Organizing and Analyzing Evidence

I cannot wait for the evidence class. I am so excited.

And the ethics class is only 1 credit, and is only 3 sessions. So, I'm going to find a legal aid society to volunteer at so I can A) get experience for a future resume and B) parlay this volunteering into my Paralegal Internship class I will be taking in the Summer quarter. I'm going to start investigating the volunteering now so after classes get out on 03/15/08, I can start. For the internship, I only need 3 hours a week, so I'm going to see about what I can do. I would love to work with the legal aid society and help out the people who can't afford it. Oh god I'm becoming so fucking liberal. Next I'll become a vegan and stop using deodorant.


Jan. 14th, 2008 11:52 am
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Ok...I'm 2/3 done with my assignment (I'm writing the rationale - Chef will get that) and I had to stop to dance to Herbie Hancock's Watermelon Man. I love that song.
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I'll ponder that some other time....

I have an assignment due tomorrow to write a legal brief on Kreiger v. Kreiger. I had intended to spend the day doing the assignment.

So what am I doing? Playing Pizza Frenzy and fucking off on LJ. I swear my procrastination when it comes to school assignments is insane. I can make a bet that I'll be writing it secretly while I look like I'm working tomorrow.

I have the book open here in front of me, but have I done the reading yet? No. I am so bad.
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And I got a B+ in Civil Litigation! Woohoo! 2 As and a B+! Yay me.
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I found out today that I got an A in my Fundamentals of Paralegals class, which was a tough class! I already knew I had an A in Case Management, and now I'm just waiting to see what I get in the dreaded Civil Litigation. So, yay me, and a bright spot in my crappy day.
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I just registered for my Winter Quarter classes. Legal Writing and Legal Research. I think they'll both be hard. But good news! Neither class is on campus! [does happy dance] One is at the law library in Santa Barbara, and the other is at the extension center which is right off the freeway.

Campus is a pain in the ass.

So, I'm excited! These classes will be so much more interesting than the ones this quarter. Although, yesterday for my Fundamentals of Paralegal Studies class we got to go down to the Ventura Law Library and we had to do a 20 item scavenger hunt in the books (no computers allowed). It was a blast. It would be a question like "What is the name of the case found at 52 Cal3d 1142?" And we would have to figure out what Cal was and where it was. It was so fun to thumb through old law books and find little nuggets of treasure.

I cannot wait until my legal research class. I'm all a twitter.
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I'm spending my evening making Civil Litigation flash cards for my mid-term on Wednesday.


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