Feb. 28th, 2011 06:11 pm
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ETA: Click after reading
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Shamelessly stolen from [ profile] ohnotheydidnt:

O.J. Simpson Enjoying the Gay Life Behind Bars

That’s the startling revelation of a former inmate, who recently served time next to the disgraced football hero at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center.

With the help of adoring prisoners and guards, O.J. is able to gamble on sporting events, get special privileges – and even receive massages from a group of gay inmates known as “The Girls,” says the source.

“O.J. may be a pariah on the outside, but in prison, he’s still a somebody.”

He’s really tight with ‘The Girls,’” said the source, referring to the openly gay transgender part of the prison population.

“Whenever we’d be let out to the yard, O.J. would almost always hang out with them. The ‘girls’ treated him like he was a king.”

And “Daddy Juice” really knew how to take care of his “girls”, the source said.

Why do I get some sick pleasure, knowing his life is so miserable?
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Dec. 27th, 2009 08:42 pm
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Controversial former Japanese finance minister found dead

TOKYO, Japan (CNN) -- Former Japanese Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa, who resigned from his post after appearing intoxicated at a news conference earlier this year, was found dead in his home Sunday, police said.

The cause of death was not clear and no will was found, police said.

Nakagawa, 56, resigned in February, three days after he appeared intoxicated at the G7 news conference in Rome, Italy. Japan's prime minister quickly appointed Kaoru Yosano, the economics minister, to replace Nakagawa.

Nakagawa's resignation followed an announcement by Japan's main opposition party that it would introduce a motion to censure him.

He had apologized for his behavior, but denied that it was the result of heavy drinking. Nakagawa said he had alcoholic drinks on his flight to Rome and during the G7 luncheon, but that the real culprit was too much medicine taken because he wasn't feeling well, Japan's Kyodo news agency reported.

In video of the news conference, Nakagawa responds slowly to reporters questions, slurring his words. At one point, he closes his eyes.

The G7 meeting brought together finance ministers from the world's leading industrialized nations in Rome.

I'm wondering if it was suicide. :(

And of course to bring levity to the man's death:

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ETA: But this is pretty fucking funny.

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Rob Miller is running for the seat in South Carolina's 2nd Congressional District - the seat currently being held by Republican Joe Wilson. Wilson, of course, was the man who rudely shouted "LIE!" at Obama in the middle of his speech tonight in front of the congress.

You can donate to Rob Miller here:

So far tonight he's already raised over $55,000 in the aftermath of Wilson's gaffe alone. Let's try to get 6 figures before morning!

So let's get together and tell Joe Wilson:


ETA: Barney Frank is rambling right now on Rachel Maddow and he says he has "Post-Partisan Depression" and then he quickly says "I'm talking too much!" BWAH!

ETA2: He's almost up to $70,000 now! (10:40pm Pacific)
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