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Just how awesome this ad is.

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That will be passing between the Earth and the Moon at 4:06 pm PDT happens to hit Santa Barbara, then I just wanted to say I love you all.

If it hits somewhere else, I hope you are not there.

My Day.

Mar. 17th, 2010 07:10 pm
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When I was in Ventura to go to the endo 2 weeks ago, I saw a tree that was chained in by a fence and it killed me that I didn't get a picture. Well, today I did!

But first, this bumper sticker cracked my shit up.


Unfortunately it isn't clear enough to really read it: One Big Ass Mistake America

Free the Tree! )
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The caption is "Too Much Wrong With This"


I submitted this picture but they still haven't posted it, bastards.

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But come on! I was at the grocery store and there was a dinosaur in the back of a pickup truck!

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Capybaras are so cute! And they make this snuffling/snorting noise.
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For $2, you can buy small amounts of specific spices to put in the recipe on the back.

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Juggalo ashtrays for sale at the Circle K.

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I this were my rooster, he'd be coq au vin faster than you can say "Jerry Lewis."

Burn area

Dec. 26th, 2009 04:28 pm
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I had to drive to Santa Maria today to go to Target to get an electric blanket and a cool cheap radiant heater (that way, even though my apartment's heater is broken, I can still get heat in my bedroom - the broken heater in my apartment is in the living room anyway and the heat never reached my bedroom), and I had to drive through the burn area on the air force base. The plants that burned look very cool and they're right up against the highway since the fire jumped over it to burn the other side.

But first, let Tiger remind you to FOCUS:


charcoal )

Enjoy! We're going to see Sherlock Holmes tomorrow (I think Mom might even go) so that's cool.

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Who will be victorious?

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This is really tripping me out.
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Keith Olbermann just called the health insurance industry "The Anus of America."
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Joe just won't shut up about Cheetos.


ETA: I just found this fabulous animated .gif and thought it belonged here.

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Controversial former Japanese finance minister found dead

TOKYO, Japan (CNN) -- Former Japanese Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa, who resigned from his post after appearing intoxicated at a news conference earlier this year, was found dead in his home Sunday, police said.

The cause of death was not clear and no will was found, police said.

Nakagawa, 56, resigned in February, three days after he appeared intoxicated at the G7 news conference in Rome, Italy. Japan's prime minister quickly appointed Kaoru Yosano, the economics minister, to replace Nakagawa.

Nakagawa's resignation followed an announcement by Japan's main opposition party that it would introduce a motion to censure him.

He had apologized for his behavior, but denied that it was the result of heavy drinking. Nakagawa said he had alcoholic drinks on his flight to Rome and during the G7 luncheon, but that the real culprit was too much medicine taken because he wasn't feeling well, Japan's Kyodo news agency reported.

In video of the news conference, Nakagawa responds slowly to reporters questions, slurring his words. At one point, he closes his eyes.

The G7 meeting brought together finance ministers from the world's leading industrialized nations in Rome.

I'm wondering if it was suicide. :(

And of course to bring levity to the man's death:

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And just because it's fun:

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Theodore just confirmed to me that after I go to sleep he will suck all the breath out of me and he and Joe will feast on my soft organs.


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