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I have had this stuck in my head for days.

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This is a 10 minutes very well spent.

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The first trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!


I am so excited.
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I was waiting for this; the video of convicted serial killer Rodney Alcala on The Dating Game:

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I'll cut this out of love for Chef and his lame computer )
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I this were my rooster, he'd be coq au vin faster than you can say "Jerry Lewis."

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I love it that the music sounds like the music on Mario Kart.
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Stolen from [ profile] wtf_inc

There's really no point to watching more than 15 seconds of it, but it's just that it exists at all that needs showing.

ETA: OMG There are more.

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The Hitler movie videos on YouTube with the fake subtitles. Lulz via [ profile] a_newchapter4me's LJ:

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Someone's reply to this was "I haven't taken enough acid in my lifetime for that video." LOL
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I forgot I shot this video! Other than his cello being woefully out of tune, it was nice. I gave him $1.

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But I just discovered it and it is killing me.

In other news, I leave for my trip Thursday morning and I cannot get rid of this stomach flu (which I originally thought was food poisoning) and it's making me really angry. I do not want to be sick on this trip and I do NOT want to be trapped on a plane for 5.5 hours with the shits.
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