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Famous designer Alexander McQueen commit suicide last night. He was 40. So young and so talented.

He will be missed. He was a true artist.

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I realize he has to do the Ft. Hood memorial today because it's his obligation as Commander in Chief, but Obama is considering sending 30,000-40,000 more troops to Afghanistan and we're going to be mired in Iraq for years, so I hope he feels some shame and does some deep thinking about what the Fort Hood shooting means and why this troubled young man turned to radical Islam, and how Obama, as the hope of a new generation, should look at this and see that these two wars are wrong and that we should just cut our losses and go.


Obama, you've been very disappointing to me on the issue of the wars. I know you didn't start these two wars (which is why most of my ire is reserved for Bush) but you have the power to make great changes. Let's bring our troops home before we have more suicides and more shootings by men and women who are too disillusioned to want to be sent to a war they don't believe in.

In a volunteer army, no less.
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I am in the middle of watching this week's episode of Frontline from PBS on the war in Afghanistan where a film crew is embedded with a marine squadron on the front line. Everyone on my f-list, take an hour of your time to watch it.
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This is very sad. He was one of my favorite authors and gossip columnists. His coverage of the OJ Simpson trial was absolutely amazing (I have all of the original Vanity Fairs with the OJ column in each one). I loved his novels. He went through the death of 2 of his children in horrible circumstances and still managed to keep his wit and sense of humor.

RIP my dear. You will be missed.
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RIP Ted Kennedy. Your legacy in the Senate in many ways outshines that of your two more famous brothers. Thank you for being a liberal champion these last few decades. I appreciate your service to this country.
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Heart attack while out on his daily walk. That's so sad.

I would like to give a tribute to him in icon form.

It's a sad day indeed for us children of the 80s. RIP John. I came of age watching your movies.


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I was walking from my car to the office this morning and found this.

I thought it was quite sad.

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Mar. 13th, 2009 11:01 am
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Squeezy wet pussy ball died this morning. I am quite sad.


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