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I just saw a dolphin frolicking in the surf! I love it when I see the dolphins. :)

New toy!

Feb. 28th, 2010 12:11 pm
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I had to go to PetCo to spend [grumble grumble] dollars on cat food and I thought the boys would like a new toy.

clicky for the frolic! )
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I'm going to be stuck in a car tomorrow all day with Mom & Dad serving while the tires are replaced on my car, so I'll take his with me!
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Does really well in low light. It has a flash (yay flash!) but even without it, look at how much better it does than my old one in low light!

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The Harry Potter 20 Questions ball just guessed Blaise Zabini and Mafalda Hopkirk. I need to get even more obscure.
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I stopped by my parents tonight to pick up a grocery card and some Advantage they picked up for my cats (I found a flea on Theo this morning) and my Dad said he had a present for me.

It's a Harry Potter 20 Questions game! He found it today at the $.99 store. Cool, eh?

My Daddy loves me. He just gets me sometimes.

ETA: This is so cool. It managed to guess right Lily Potter, Luna Lovegood, a Goblin, and Viktor Krum. It did not however guess Nearly Headless Nick and I won that time. I'm going to be the Goblet of Fire next and see if it gets it.

ETA2: It got Goblet of Fire, Dolores Umbridge and Mundungus Fletcher. So cool!

ETA 06:08am 06/12/09: It got Madame Rosmerta and Borgin & Burke's!


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