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ETA: This is plain awesome.

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Famous designer Alexander McQueen commit suicide last night. He was 40. So young and so talented.

He will be missed. He was a true artist.

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My trip is in 17 days! Woohoo! I can't wait to see Independence Hall, or the Mutter or MOMA. I'm so excited for those of you I'll be meeting (remember hyenas, plan for Philly on Friday night 07/10/09 for our get together)! I can't wait.

I'm really looking forward to going to the top of the Empire State Building. It is the tallest building in NYC again, you know.

My new Skechers I bought are really comfy - I wore them all day yesterday so I could break them in, but they were perfect. They don't need breaking in at all.

I am going to be limited to VERY little luggage - I won't have time to go find each hotel early in the day to leave things there before going out and about, I'm going to have to backpack like I did in 1996. So I really have to pare things down so it's manageable. It will be a challenge, but it'll be sort of like Tetris so it'll be fun.

And last but not least, I leave you with this gem I saw at the grocery store yesterday:

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As found in [Bad username or site: @], I can't tell whether I love or hate these boots.


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