Oct. 30th, 2010 09:49 am
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Isn't he/she beautiful? Too bad it was in a dark hallway so the picture doesn't have good light. Thankfully the moth didn't mind my flash.

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They planted some new flowers outside my apartment:


And Theo is worn out from all of his lazing around:

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My boss called me into his office to show me that his window spider (he's been there for almost a year!) caught a big fly and was busy sucking it dry. I, of course, had to take a picture!

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I just saw a dolphin frolicking in the surf! I love it when I see the dolphins. :)
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Capybaras are so cute! And they make this snuffling/snorting noise.

My day.

Jan. 24th, 2010 08:48 pm
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I thought after the trauma of this morning's fire, I should post some happier pics. I spent the day at Mom & Dad's watching football, eating good food and hanging out with family. It was nice.

Let the happy goldfinch butts welcome you in!


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You know, I saw fire images on TV several times today and each time they gave me a shudder and my heart would race. I'm really sick of fires. It was so fucking scary this morning being woken up with the noise and peeping through my blinds and seeing a wall of fire right outside the window. I really need to go away from this obnoxious and really dangerous arsonist. Quit picking on our alley!
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There is a pair of what Travis and I think are Sharp Shinned Hawks that screech and fly around our office building. Travis and I are big bird watchers so we love watching them. This morning one was in the tree across the street (right in the view of our office windows) pulling some creature apart piece by piece. So first Travis went out to look (I thought I got a great picture of him looking up at the tree [I took it from my office window] but my hand was shaking and it was really blurry) then I went out to look and take pictures. Here's the hawk and the carcass (it's very hard to see - I tried to 'shop it to make the hawk and the bloody mess of what we think is a pigeon more visible) and then two pictures of the mess below. Some poor shmuck in a Honda parked on the street has pigeon guts, blood, bones, feathers and hawk shit all over his car. Check it out.


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I this were my rooster, he'd be coq au vin faster than you can say "Jerry Lewis."

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I was perusing my books in search of a book to read, and saw The Onion Field by Joseph Wambaugh, which I bought about 20 years ago and never got past the first 20 pages or so, but so many of my favorite authors credit Wambaugh with their careers, so I felt I should give it another chance.

And I found a very odd bookmark.


from the music choices, I think this was probably written when I was about 16 or 17. Apparently it was very important that I have at least 4 100 minute tapes, hahahaha.

Also, something is currently thumping across my roof, making the cats insane. I have a feeling it's a raccoon. Sounds heavier than a cat.
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I went to see Sherlock Holmes with Mom & Dad today; it was very entertaining. I recommend it.

We had about 30 minutes to kill before we had to be at the movie theater, so we drove around Buellton for a bit and came upon some new friends:

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Who will be victorious?

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We get this folder that goes around the office that's full of crap and we have to sign off that we've read it, and in it is National Underwriter magazine. Here's an ad for anecdote submissions from their readers, but the picture just slayed me.

ETA: It reminds me of Moo.


Sep. 2nd, 2009 07:17 pm
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I went to my parents' house to fix something on my mother's computer on my way home, and there was a covey of quail on the lawn down the street! I wish my phone camera zoomed better.

They're so cute.
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Sorry about the crappy phone camera quality. He was so cute so I had to be really quiet and the phone is silent whereas the good camera makes clicks and whirs.
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My parents have this beautiful water lily in their fish pond. If you look closely on the left you can see fish. :)


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