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Birthdate:Oct 6
Location:California, United States of America

Indulgence. Debauchery. Insanity. Politics. Absurdity.

I am awash in meh.

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accordion, aimee mann, alan moore, alan rickman, allison weir, alt.tasteless, ang lee, anglophiles, antonia fraser, art, atheism, bach, baroque, bbw, bhm, bill of rights, bloody mary, bluegrass, blues, books, booze, british history, cabaret music, california, catherine the great, cats, central coast, charlaine harris, cheese, chelsea cain, chet baker, cia, cinema, clare fader, cocteau twins, concertina, conspiracies, constitution, cooking, criminal law, dark chocolate, dave brubeck, david starkey, deadwood, democrat, detective novels, dexter, dixieland jazz, django reinhardt, edinburgh, emma thompson, espanol, family, fat girls, fat guys with goatees, film noir, forensics, gossip, gourmet food, guns, harry potter, henry viii, herbie hancock, hillary clinton, history, history. pop culture, hybrid cars, internet, james ellroy, jan van eyck, jazz, jean pierre jeunet, jfk, jim garrison, law, law and order, lee harvey oswald, legal aid, liberalism, london, los angeles, mad men, mannerism, mary queen of scots, massive attack, michael connelly, minor chord classical, movies, music, nerd show, nerdy boys, nerdy men, nikita kruschev, overalls, peter gabriel, phillippa gregory, photography, politics, pop culture, prius, project runway, queen elizabeth i, reading, reality tv, scandal, sex, single malt scotch, six feet under, soul coughing, spanish, stewarts, stinky cheese, stuarts, survivor, television, the amazing race, the big bang theory, the cure, the mole, theatre, tindersticks, top chef, traveling, true blood, true crime, tudors, twilight, u2, usenet, vivaldi, watchmen, west coast, wine, winston churchill, world music, wtf, yann tiersen
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